Friday, 6 November 2015

King Crocoduck and Laughing Witch Issue

 This relates (if you have not landed here from YouTube to this video of mine:
and this video of Laughing Witch's and the claims she made regarding the YouTuber King Crocoduck:

So here is everything related to this issue:

King Crocoduck's comment on her video:
You're not just a laughing witch, you're a lying bitch. Everything that I'm about to say can and will be substantiated, but here's a summary of where you're being mendacious.
1) I was given the impression that your company was doomed from your own affiliates like Kevin Logan. This was not in any way a "dance over your grave" the way you danced over Thunderf00t's job's grave (back when you thought that your campaign did shit.) This was a recognition of the seriousness of the situation, which your husband agreed on in our conversation. He kept on telling me that he wasn't sure if the business would survive. So I said that with this money I'd raise for you, your employees would get paid, which would not only guarantee their continued livelihood, but would also ease the burden on your business so you'd be able to keep the money you otherwise would have paid them. But let's be clear Jen, my priority always was- from the very start- your employees. Not you. I made this unambiguously clear in several forums, all of which I knew you lurked in.
2) I'm not a "Men's Rights" anything. Never have I spoken out about things like the draft, quotas, or any of that shit that actual MRAs talk about. Ideology has exactly jack shit to do with this.
3) I wasn't determined to have your business die. Just because I prioritized your employees doesn't mean I tried to engineer your business' death. In any case, the money that you wouldn't have had to have paid your employees because of me could have gone to heating, lighting, personal debts and whatever. As the company's alleged head of finances, you should have understood that, but maybe you didn't because you don't actually do shit for the company. But that's just my speculation. Maybe you're not that incompetent, maybe you're just a liar.
4) Here are the two things that I actually needed for this campaign: i. the employees' Paypal accounts and the percentages of the cuts that they would get. I came up with a numerical system that would ensure everyone's privacy- no one would know how much anyone else makes, and all I know is that I gave "6% to person 1, 4% to person 2, etc." I would never know anyone's real names, just their PayPal account aliases and the percentage of their cut. ii. statements to prove that the company had been teetering on bankruptcy in recent years, and that this Yelp incident could actually tip you over. Neither of these were unreasonable, especially for someone in a situation as allegedly bleak as yours. I made clear that all personal information should be redacted. This information was important because people made it clear that they would have been willing to give ONLY if I could guarantee that it'd go the the employers and that the company was actually in danger. You knew this, I'd said it several times, but apparently you wanted to take all of the money for yourself, in addition to the fact that the business wasn't in any actual danger. That's why you went with your other fundraiser. And as I predicted, almost no one contributed. Funnily enough, before you got involved, your husband was very happy with my idea. He even said that he was tearing up, that he couldn't believe that someone would do this for him.
5) "This is the lie we're gonna tell my subscribers." You pulled that straight out of your ass. What I said was that we'd present the situation in a way that emphasizes that your employees took the brunt of the damage, not you. That way people would be more inclined to contribute. No one gives a fuck about you Jen, it's your employees that people wanted to help, so I focused the narrative around them.
6) "He comes up with this cock-and-bull story about how I've got nothing to do with the business, I'm just a wacky old lady, and I blew it all up for Paul, it's all my fault..." That's not a cock-and-bull story, that's the fucking truth. You ARE just a wacky old lady. You DID blow it all up for Paul. It IS all your fault. Your own husband said as much in our conversation. And whatever you have to do with the business, like I said, it's my speculation that you sit at home all day on the computer while everyone else does the work. Presenting the situation that way is the obvious way to distance you from your employees, the people we were actually trying to help. But your fucking ego got in the way, didn't it Jen? You couldn't stand taking any role other than that of the innocent but heroic martyr. As it happens, it's my understanding that you referred to my framing the situation this way as "a MRA wet dream," which is hilarious considering how much your husband seemed to like the idea. Your own husband said that this was powerful and he assured me that you'd be comfortable with it. I suppose that makes you married to an MRA, doesn't it Jen? By your retarded standards for what counts as an MRA, that is.
7) "'put that feminist in her place' kind of thing, and I had to denounce feminism, and denounce everything I was..." FUCKING LIAR. I never said that you had to denounce shit. The words "feminist" and "feminism" didn't even come up once in our conversation. All that I said was to distance you from the fucking company by presenting you as the sniveling little child you are, albeit far more gently than I've just put it. You completely made this up, you disingenuous, slanderous, deranged, imbalanced lunatic.
8) You're full of shit when you said that Paul didn't want to do the fundraiser the way I said to do it. He was very eager and excited to do this, and you contacted me the very next morning thanking me for everything that I was doing, and offering to show me the employee paystubs so that I could calculate who gets how much. It wasn't until I made it clear that I wouldn't budge on the two financial details that I needed that you and Paul went silent for 24 hours, not getting back to me until you had your fundraiser ready, and suddenly telling me about this alternative plan you came up with and asking me to spread the link on social media.
 So in conclusion, you're a lying bitch and deserve no sympathy from anyone. Everything that I've written here will become independently verifiable shortly. For those who want specific information for any response videos they'd like to make, please feel free to PM me. If you're going to try to slander someone, Lying Bitch, try a person even less competent than yourself. I know they'll be hard to find, but I'm sure you can find SOMEONE in SOME mental institution who matches your mental acuity.