Monday, 24 September 2012

Belief in God Quantified

Additional notes for video

‘Agnostic’, in the technical sense, can mean different things to different people. It can mean:
- you don’t believe you have sufficient knowledge to know if God exists
- you don’t believe humankind has enough knowledge to know if God exists
- you don’t believe it is even possible to have the kind of knowledge that is required so this is yet another reason I find the non-colloquial usage confusing.

Oh and THIS!!!!!!
I should also point out, as I have in comments a couple of times, that gnosticism refers to knowledge (‘justified true belief’), not belief, and belief can be grounded in more than just knowledge (what is faith, after all). Given this, even someone who is utterly convinced that God exists could still be classed as an agnostic theist if their conviction is based, in part, on something other than knowledge (which, let us face it, it almost always is). Hence, ALL theists become agnostic theists excepting those that assert that faith plays no part whatsoever in their belief (in other words, their belief is entirely knowledge-based)

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