Wednesday, 5 December 2012

An Exchange with Mrs Stephanie Zvan

What follows is a brief exchange between Stephanie Zvan and myself on her blog thread:

Just saved this here for posterity (you will have to visit the link for the blog itself) as I found her responses to me both hypocritical and then my reply, to the 'one last comment' she allowed me, resulted in my reply being left in moderation (as i type) out of view of anyone else.

the 'other video' comment in response #41 ofc should have said 'other blog' and referred to an exchange in this blog:
Regular commenter LeftSidePositive totally misunderstood my comment in that thread (something he/she does all too often, sometimes facepalmingly so) and threw a total hissy fit in my direction (which Stephanie clearly had no problems with, she just blocked me instead).


PS: the first post #18 isn't strictly between Steph and myself but i did refer to it, hence it is included here.

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  1. Actually she didn't tell you what a fallacy is, she simply gave you an example of something that is not a fallacy. Of course if she had bothered to give you a definition she would have realised that a non-sequitur is of course a fallacy